General conditions

These general conditions (named hereafter GC) are applicable from May the 1 st 2022 on, and rule all the activities linked to the online selling of the SAS MAISON Guirec, under French law and with a share capital of 500 euros, registered to the Registre des Commerces et des Sociétés of Saint-Brieuc (France) with the number 912030665. The headquarters is located 20 rue des Burgeons, 22 440 PLOUFRAGAN, France. The company is run by Guirec JOUBERT.

The GC rule all links and interactions between MAISON Guirec and:
—Each prospects or customers using the Website hereafter called the ‘Customer’, for example on the occasion of the online purchase on the website of MAISON Guirec (hereafter named the ‘Product’).
—All users of the website found at the URL address (hereafter named the ‘Website’), including every web user visiting the website, regardless of the reason, hereafter called the ‘User’.
The company MAISON Guirec can modify the GC whenever. This is why every Users are kindly invited to read them all before purchasing any order on the website.


The General Conditions hereafter precisely describe the rights and obligations of the company MAISON Guirec run by Guirec JOUBERT and its customer when products from partner brands are being sold. If a Customer confirms an order, it implies its full agreement on this GC.

The Customer

The Customer has to be a buyer, a natural and adult person, and will have to create an account for its first order on the Website. For every order, the Customer will have to fulfil a purchase order form with some compulsory information for its order to be processed.

The information shared with MAISON Guirec when a Customer creates an account and during the purchase of an order must be complete, accurate, and up to date.

The company is allowed not to accept an order if the above-mentioned criteria are not fulfilled.


Only the products displayed on on the day of the order, and shown as available, can be sold to the Customers.

The products and the prices are accurate as long as the products are available on the Website.
The pictures and the designs illustrating the Website and the Products are indicative. Therefore, the responsibility of MAISON Guirec cannot be involved if there is a mistake or an omission in one of the pictures or designs.

The Customer is asked to carefully read the product card of each item to know the features, and the conditions of use.


The prices of the items are those in effect when the order is being purchased. They are in euros € and include all taxes. The shipping costs have to be added and are applicable the day of the order.

The company MAISON Guirec can modify its prices if necessary. However, MAISON Guirec guarantees that the products will be invoiced following the prices that were shown on the day of the purchase.

Sales and special offers

The prices shown on the website include the special offers that MAISON Guirec could run.

Special offer codes can be added when the order is being confirmed, and can be applied only during the period of validity of the code. This code can be used only by the Customer that has received it.

Payment methods

The payment of the orders can be made with a credit card with the service Stripe available when the order is being confirmed on:

When the order is confirmed, it has to be fully paid, including the shipping costs unless they are offered.


The order will be shipped to the address given by the Customer when fulfilling the order purchase form. For the shipping in France, it is possible to ship to pick up places instead of at home.

The shipping delay given when the order is validated is only indicative and cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on the provider MAISON Guirec is working with.

If the shipping delay is just a little longer than expected, the Customer won’t be able to:

  • ask for compensation or award of damages
  • cancel the order

The risk of transport is fully carried by the Customer, as soon as the order is fully paid.

If, for one reason or another, MAISON Guirec cannot process the order, the Customer will receive an e-mail as quickly as possible. If the payment of the order has already been processed and received by MAISON Guirec, the exact amount will be refunded on the payment method used to purchase the order. If, for one reason or another, something else has to be done, Guirec JOUBERT, the head of MAISON Guirec, will directly contact the Customer and handle the situation directly, to be sure that the Customer is fully refunded as quickly as possible.


When the Products are received, the Customer must immediately check the general condition of the packaging and of the products inside.

If, when the parcel is received, the packaging is damaged, unwrapped or opened, the Customer must carefully check the condition of the products inside. If some Products are damaged, the Customer must immediately report it by contacting MAISON Guirec here contact form or by e-mail at on the day the parcel arrived.


The products displayed on the website of MAISON Guirec have no warranty. Nevertheless, if one of the products has any manufacturing defects, the Customer can write to MAISON Guirec through the contact form or by e-mail at

The Customer will have to give the following informations :

  • Name and Surname
  • Order number and exact date of order 
  • A picture of the product that has defects

MAISON Guirec will check the report and reserves the right to organise a return or any kind of help depending on the manufacturing defects. If the request from the Customer is validated, the conditions for the return will be given to the Customer by e-mail.

When the product will be received at MAISON Guirec, the Customer will receive a refund through a gift card that has a 6 month validity.

Returns and exchanges

From the day the Customer received its order, The Customer has 15 days to contact MAISON Guirec to inform that one or all the products will be returned, following an incident. To do so, the Customer will have to explain the situation through the contact form or by e-mail at giving the following informations :

  • Name and Surname
  • Order number 
  • Product references of the returned items

Once the Customer has reported the will to return an item, the Customer has another period of 14 days to send the item back to MAISON Guirec.

The shipping costs to return an item are not covered by MAISON Guirec. 

When the items are returned, the Customer must place them in the packaging in which they arrived and place them in a robust packaging that will prevent the products from being damaged on their way back. When the parcel will be received at MAISON Guirec, and if all the above conditions are met, the Customer will have, by e-mail, a confirmation of return. The Customer will receive a gift card with the amount corresponding of the prices of the returned items that the Customer will be able to use on the website during six months.

Force majeure

The responsibility of the company MAISON Guirec cannot be involved if a force majeure causes any delays or any modifications of the process. A force majeure is any unpredictable or inescapable events as mentioned by the Article 1148 in the French Civil Code.

Tribunal compétent et médiation

Every issue linked to the General Conditions introduced here are subject to French Law.

If an amicable resolution is not possible, the litigation will be brought before the designated Trade Court. The designated Trade Court linked to the company MAISON Guirec is the Trade Court of Saint-Brieuc.

Au sujet de la médiation (I.E. service de règlement des litiges entre les professionnels et les consommateurs, comme l’indique les articles L611-1 à L 641-1 et R 612-1 à R 616-2 du Code de la Consommation). 

Le consommateur peut saisir le médiateur de la consommation dans le cas où un litige ne peut être résolu d’une autre manière entre le professionnel et le consommateur. Par conséquent, avant de recourir à un médiateur, le consommateur doit avoir tenté de résoudre son litige directement en contactant le professionnel concerné à travers une réclamation formulée par écrit ou respectant les CGV/CGU du professionnel concerné. 

Dans l’hypothèse où l’ensemble des éléments permet le recours à une médiation, la procédure pourra être enclenchée en suivant un déroulé précis. A noter que le recours à cette procédure est gratuit pour le consommateur. 

Retrouvez ci-dessous la liste des médiateurs de la consommation :



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