Privacy Policy

Field of application of the data policy of this website

The current data policy informs you of the modality of collection of data, their treatment and the way they are used when the Customer:

  • Visits the website
  • The use of the services offered on our website
  • your contact with MAISON Guirec

Person in charge of the data collection: Guirec JOUBERT

The personal data collected on our website are treated by:

Mr Guirec Joubert,

Details: /

MAISON Guirec defines what are the uses of the collected data, and how they are treated.

What kind of data are collected ?

You may have to share your personal data directly with MAISON Guirec, to use some services of our website, for example when you fulfil a form for:

  • contacting or asking information to MAISON Guirec ;
  • subscribing to our newsletter

The personal data that you have to fill in the forms are clearly marked with an asterisk (*). Without these compulsory information, we won’t be able to save your request and to answer it.

When navigating on our website, your browser automatically sends data that we may collect and save. These personal data may include:

  • The IP address, the characteristics of your operating system, data about the browser or about the device (computer, tablet, cellphone) that you use to surf on our website,
  • The itinerary of your navigation and your interactions with our website, such as the website or the app from which you access to our website, the pages that you visited, the time and the duration of the visit, how much data were shared, the key words of your searches, how often you visited our website;
  • Your personal data are collected mainly with cookies. To have more information about the use of these cookies, we invite you to read the ‘Cookies’ section of this page.

What are the different kind of cookies

Definition of ‘cookies’: 


‘A cookie is a computerised file, a tracker, placed and read for example when a website is visited, or when an e-mail is read, when software or app is installed, on any kind of devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, connected to the Internet).’ This definition is from

Here are the different kinds of cookies used on MAISON Guirec:


Functional cookies 

These cookies are always on when you are navigating on as they are necessary for the website to function properly and for you to enjoy all the services of the website (such as loading the pictures, loadings the articles…). These cookies do not enable to identify the users.


Analytic cookies 

Analytical cookies enable MAISON Guirec to determine the number of visits on the website every day, and the origin of these visits. These data are a way for MAISON Guirec to understand the users, to check which pages are often visited and which pages are not, and to improve the overall user experience on our website. You can choose to deactivate these cookies, but that may limit the relevance of our recommendations.


Marketing cookies

These cookies collect information that might be personal data, aiming at improving and personalising the targeted items and adds. These cookies also help at analysing your reactions to these ads. It is a way to analyse your actions on the website, and to adapt it afterwards. 

Respect of your privacy

MAISON Guirec is committed in favor of the protection of your privacy online.

  • The brand does not associate the collected cookies with information that could identify you.
  • No information or personal data collected on is shared or sold to other companies or website.

Deleting the cookies

Even when they are accepted, the User has several options to delete or to reject the cookies and other trackers.

L’utilisateur peut régulièrement supprimer les cookies de son terminal via son navigateur. Pour la gestion des cookies et des choix de l’utilisateur, la configuration de chaque navigateur est différente. Elle est décrite dans le menu d’aide du navigateur, qui permet à l’utilisateur de savoir de quelle manière modifier ses souhaits en matière de cookies.


For example:

The User can also check the webpage of the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés), on this link:


The User can configure the browser to refuse the cookies. With this being said, the User has to know that by refusing the cookies, some services, pages, pictures on the website might not be working. In that case, the responsibility of MAISON Guirec cannot be involved.