Leather coaster


The coasters made by l’Atelier Guillocher in Rennes and are composed of 100% collar leather. They are an invitation to share and spend moments together, not only the French way, you can cheer universally!

The box gathers leather coaster. "Cheers !" is printed on each one of them but in 6 different languages. The set is availlable either in red or in black

The box offers a set of 6 coasters made of 100 % collar leather. They are all lacked to be protected from the dropes that might fall out of your glass. "Cheers" is hot stamped. Measurements: diameter 9.5 cm. Atelier Guillocher's stamp is affixed at the back.
The 6 languages available are : French, English, Spanish, Slovenian, German and Italian.

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